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Reconstructive Spine Surgeon based on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Are you suffering back or neck pain due to disc prolapse, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis or other conditions? South Coast Spine is the practice of Dr Neil Cleaver who specialises in Total Disc Replacement Surgery for back pain and sciatica (radiculopathy), and Minimally Invasive Reconstructive Spine Surgery for painful deformity.

Dr Cleaver specialises in management of adult spinal conditions through surgical and non-surgical methods. His practice has a strong focus on motion-preservation technologies and minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS)  in the cervical spine and lumbar region.

A spine specialist providing answers to your questions

Whether you need to see a spine specialist for a disc replacement, have had a workplace injury to your spine and feel as though no-one is giving you the right answers, or require an orthopedic surgeon following musculoskeletal trauma or fracture, you’ll want to get all of the information required to make a decision regarding treatment. This purely educational website has been developed for you to read prior to your appointment with Dr Cleaver to maximise your time spent with him and also to be re-read following your appointment when you have a clearer picture of your own diagnosis and possible treatment.

On this site, you will be provided with detailed information on what to expect during, and as a result of, your procedure, and your consultation, with Dr Cleaver. We look at the causes of back and neck pain, and sciatica (radiculopathy) and discuss a range of conditions that may require medical intervention. Ultimately, we discuss the options that are available to patients (and orthopaedic surgeons) in terms of treatment.

About Dr Cleaver

Dr Neil Cleaver is a spinal surgeon with a surgical practice catering to patients throughout Australia. All conditions of the spine are treated including spinal trauma and malignant disease (tumours) but his practice is mostly concerned with the treatment of back pain and sciatica.  In 95 per cent of cases, Dr Cleaver’s practice is concerned with minimally invasive procedures to achieve surgical reconstructions. Dr Cleaver has been performing minimally invasive spine surgery in Queensland since 2008 with hundreds of grateful patients.

Dr Cleaver is respected in the field for pioneering the use of extreme lateral interbody fusion technique (XLIF) and minimally invasive extreme lateral total disc replacement (XL-TDR) in Australia. He is committed to growing his own knowledge and the knowledge of his peers through further research and development in the field of spinal reconstruction through minimally invasive procedures.

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